Saturday, November 29, 2008

Baby Pics!!!!!!

Hi. Once again my little Nakita proved me wrong. After writting the othe blog this morning, i went out to do my chores. And of course Nakita had babies!!! There are 6. 3 brokens, and 3 solids!! Anyways, i will get pics of them in a couple days. Here are pics of everybody elses babies!!! Enjoy!!


Hi. Im starting to wonder if Nakita is pregant. She is 2 days late. Thats not like Nakita. She is usally right on time. She has the biggest belly though. Melody doesnt look like she is gonna have babies. She just lays in her box. This is her 2nd time not being pregant. Im gonna rebreed her one last time. I like using the "3 strikes, your out" method.

All the babies are doing GREAT!!! I have heard that alot of people are losing litters. My does are always very good about keeping there babies warm. Sometimes they will sit in the box with the babies. Un limeted milk supply to the babies. Lol. Both Gracy and Shasta pulled alot of hair. Secret Score didnt pull as much, and she didnt do a very good job of cleaning up her afterbirth mess. Im gonna clean the nestboxes as soon as everybodys eyes are open, and they have hair.

Mom says that they open there eyes in 4 days. Hmm, i cant rember!!! It has been so long since I have had babies!! I will have to right it down this time.

Roman will be 2 in June. That means im keeping a buck from Secret Score. Im not like most breeders, that let their brooddoes have so many litters with them, and then sell them. I keep all my bunnies. They are very close to me. Well, i shouldnt say all. Lol. :) I will post next time, hopefully with some baby pictures!!!! :D


Thursday, November 27, 2008

They Just Keep Coming, And Coming..

Hi. The title says everything. Lol. Secret Score had her babies. She had 8. All are fat and healthy. Gracy and Shastas babies are doing good. Secret has some brokens, and some solids. :) 3 down, 3 to go! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

More Babies!!!

Hi. Im keeping everyone updated. Gracy had her babies!! Shasta has 7 looks like some golds, and torts, posibly some blacks. Gracy also had 7, there are 5 "pinks" and two blacks. They all have fat little bellies, and all are warm. Both moms pulled a genourous amount of hair. Sweetpea doesnt really act pregant. She really hasnt made much of a nest. She kinda just mixed the shavings and hay together. Hmmm, we will see!! In a couple days i will get pics of the babies. :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hi. I just thought i would tell you, that Shasta had her babies!!!!! Im not sure how many. I will know for sure tommorow. I thought there was 6 or 7.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Hi. I gave Gracy, Sweetpea, and Shasta there nestboxes today!! I put about 2 inches of sawdust at the bottom, and TONS of hay. They all jumped in, and starting making nests!! Tommorow Secret Score, Melody, and Nakita get there nest boxes.

I think im gonna either be getting some Mini Lops from Hoppin Herd Of Hares, or Judy's Rabbitry. Judy lives in Canada, and The other lives in Oklahoma. So... I think im leaning more towards Oklahoma. (Just because its closer). But Judy has some AMMAZING bunnies for sale!!! Im still tempted to buy something from her. We will see.

I went on a 18 mile bike ride today! My bum hurts alot!! It was from Ashland to Central Point. A long ways, but it was fun!!

I will post in a couple days. Probly when the babies are born!! (Wendsday and Thursday). TTYL.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Chocolate Mini Lops!!!!

Hi. I have found someone to help me with my chocolate Mini Lop program! My friend Sam is gonna help me. So i will have the buck, and she will have the doe. Or the other way around. All the bunnies are good. Not much to talk about. TTYL.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mini Lop Varierty

Hi. Remeber I said I was gonna breed the BEW Mini Lops as my "project" varierty. Well I have changed my mind. Im for sure gonna be working with the chocolate varierty. :) This will be exciting!!! All the bunnies are good. We are just preparing for the cold weather. Im considering getting a heater to put in the barn when the babies are born. That way, they will be warm, if its cold outside. :) Anyways i will post in a couple days. :) TTYL.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Hi. So far I have 3 does that palpate POSITIVE!! They are Shasta, Sweetpea, and Secret Score. Gosh, you can tell Secret Score is pregant, just by looking at her HUGE belly!! Lol. Im very excited!! Im going out this morning to work with Saphire. She is doing alot better with riding!! We practiced getting Windancer in the trailer yesterday, and she was soo good!!!! Not much going on lately. I will post in a couple days. :) TTYL.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bunny News.......

Hi!! Not much going on lately. I went to a stable to ride my trainers horse, since mine didnt want to get in the trailer. Her horse is a Tennesee Walker. When he "gaits" it was sooo fun! He also does a "Spanish Walk." Very cute! Lol.

The bunnies are all good. I got my stacking cage set up in the rabbitry. I rode Saphire today. I will post in a couple days. TTYL

Monday, November 10, 2008

Clean Up Time

Hi. I just noticed today how badly my rabbitry needed cleaned! So i took out all the poop, and put "stall dry" under there cages, to elimanate odor. It works really well!! I also bleached some water bottles, im gonna bleach the rest tommorow, and clean the feeders. I will probly clean the rabbitry once more before the babies are due.

I went to Big R today. I got a rabbit cage, and legs to make 2 more! Im excited to be getting more cages, plus we are ordering more out of a catalog.

For some of our rabbit water bottles, we use "Flip 'N Fill" water bottles. These are the greatest bottles ever!! You just lift the top up, fill the bottle, and close the top! That simple. Well about a year ago they disscontinued Flip 'N Fill water bottles. When i went to Big R today, they had them! I was so excited! I got 3 of them, and i plan to get more!

I let Lacy and her babies out to play in the grass (and eat it), while i cleaned the rabbitry. They loved it.

The bunnies are all doing great. I love how Creampuff is maturing. She could still use a better crown, ear, head piece, and more fuller hindquarters, but we will see how see matures! TTYL.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pictures From The Horse Show

Hi. Here is some pictures of when i showed Bethany.

Isnt she cute??? All the bunnies are good. I updated my website. Check it out, and sign the guestbook!! I will post in a couple days. :)


Friday, November 7, 2008

Good Morning

Hi. And good morning. There isnt much to talk about. All the bunnies are good. I got some new water bottles!! And i took out the leaking ones. Im gonna try to get updated pics of the bunnies. I like to keep fresh pictures up on the website. Well, i will post in a couple days!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hi! Im planning on going to Mini Lop Nationals. Im gonna hopefully see about leasing some does, and maybe buying some, and breeding for Mini Lop Nationals!! Im soo excited!! I cant wait to go!!! And if i dont make it, i will sell what i dont want, and keep what i do. All the bunnies are good. Guess what!!! They have broken black NZ now!!!! I cant believe it! Maybe i can breed broken red NZ?? We will have to see! I will post later.