Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Bunny News......

Hi. All the bunnies are doing good. Im gonna update the website tonight. My pig 4-H leader (also my neighbor), had her pig at our place. Well, today she got butchered. Sad, I know. It's nice to not have her scremaing at me though! Im glad Sassy doesnt scream at you anymore.
Im also going to add a "FAQ" page to the website. Should be pretty snazzy soon. There really isnt much to talk about. Oh, my bunny from Qadoshyah, of Hoppin Herd Of Hares, is coming in a couple days. Thanks to my friend Destiny's parents, for bringing him to me. I plan to get some legs on him, then he will become part of our chocolate program.

Well, i hope everybody has a Happy New Year! Talk to you next year. Lol. TTYL.

Sunset Rabbitry

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Hi. I got pictures of the baby Mini Lops!! They are looking better everyday! The broken chincilla, looks more shorter, and better type, then last night. Im gonna hold back the broken chincilla doe, and a gold tipped steel doe. I might hold back a buck, but most likely not. I plan on keeping the whole litter back until 12 weeks old. Anyways, here are the pics. Which ones do you like? Rember picture the broken chincilla shorter, and with more roundness. I like the darker broken gold tipped steel doe too. TTYL.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bunny news....

Hi. Lana, suggested I use a "E Z Mat" for when Harley returns to a wire cage. We will give it a try! I was looking at the baby picture I put up...she doesnt look AS promising as I made her sound like. That pic is out dated though. They are really looking good! I have decided to hold back the broken chincilla doe, for sure. She is beautiful!

We are getting more bunnies. Somebody called me saying, somebody had dumped bunnies at a restraunt, and the bunnies are out in all this bad weather. (How could people dump animals off?) She will call me, when she catches them. Hopefully soon, before this weather takes a turn for the worst! Anyways, im gonna go get some baby pics. Bye! TTYL.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Baby Picture

Hi. Well, i got one picture of one of the baby Mini Lop does. She is a cutie! Im gonna go get everybodys picture in a minute. I will put the picture at the bottom of the post. All the bunnies are going good. Except for Harley. He has bad sore hocks. Im not sure why, he has a board, and a nice clean cage. Im gonna put him in one of the cages with a solid plastic bottom, until his sore hocks are gone. Anybody got any ideas for when I put him in the wire cage, once he recovers? Well, i will end this post with the picture of Secret Scores broken gold tipped steel doe. Doesnt she look promising?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Hi. I finally got the buck and doe thing resolved with the babies. Here are the results:

Secret Score X Roman: 4 Bucks, 4 Does.

Shasta X Thumper: 3 Bucks, 2 Does.

Gracy X Snickerdoodles: 4 Bucks, 3 Does.

Nakita X Snickerdoodles: 2 Bucks, 4 Does.

Overall it is a tie between the bucks and does. 13 total bucks, and 13 total does. I really like the crosses. Especially Secret Score, and Roman! I typed Secret's whole litter, and at this point, the whole litter is gonna stay back. They are all so nice!

I have decided I will keep 1 black steel looking doe from Gracy, and the whole litter from Secret Score. Of course I will only keep a few of Secret Score's babies when I make my cuts for Mini Lop Nationals.

The moms are all doing good. And the bucks too! Well, thats all for now. TTYL.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Drinking & Eating!

Hi. All the baby bunnies, are drinking, and eating! It is kind of cute to see them drinking! Not much is going on lately.

I cant wait till christmas! Im so excited!!! I got all my presents for all my animals.....OMG! I forgot the bunnies!!!! Oh, man! Well, i will have to come with something. TTYL


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Conditioning Mix

Hi. I thought I would tell you about my new conditioning mix.

I have decided to make a conditioning mix for my rabbits. It will only consist of HEALTHY things for bunnies. I give 1/2 cup to my does with litters, once a day. I give 1/2 a cup every other day to does that are 10 days pregant, until kindling. I give 1/2 cup to my bucks, non pregant does, and show bunnies once a week. Here is my recipe:

3 cups of horse oats.
2 cups of PLAIN Quaker oatmeal
1 small bag of NON salted sunflower seed kernels
8 slices of dried oranges, or 6 slices of non dried oranges
1 1/2 CHOPPED carrots

Add oats, oatmeal,and sunflower seeds into a bowl. Chop oranges, and carrots finely. Then add to bowl.

There is the recipe! Let me know if you use it, and if your bunnies like it. Mine do! You can even add some of your regular bunny food, to help adjust them to it. Thats all for now! TTYL (talk to you later).


No more snow...

Hi. We did get 5" of snow here. It is expected to snow more! But right now, the sun is out. Hopefully not ALL the snow will melt. All the bunnies are handling this weather pretty good. All the water bottles were frozen yesterday. I put wooly socks on last night. So we will see how that holds up.

Some of the baby bunnies are starting to figure out how to jump, in and out of the box. Well, there isnt much to talk about. Just thought I let you know im still here! TTYL.


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hi. Yes it snowed here!!!!!!! And still is snowing!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting!!!! All the bunnies are doing great. I wish there were more shows this time of year. Roman is in a geourgeous coat right now!!! He holds his condtion really well!!! Secret Scores babies ears, are starting to lop! They are soo cute right now!! I have my eye on the broken black chincilla.

Somebody took one of the Mini Rex's the other day. I had my 2 dogs with me (Uno, and Shadow). Uno, never leaves my side, she has never worn a leash. Shadow hasnt worn a leash either, but she tends to be more independent. Shadow was up ahead, and we were walking to the house, and Jazimine my other dog, got out, and she came trotting up to Shadow. The second Jaz got up to Shad, Shad growled, and that made Jaz mad. They got in a small fight. Nothing big. They are still BFF's though.

Creampuff is looking sooo promising!!!!! I will type her again soon, and get some pics! She is gonna be soo nice!! She will defiantly be hitting the show tables. Well, thats all for now. TTYL.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Frozen Water Bottles

Hi. During this time of year, we all have promblems with frozen water bottles. I have found a solution, for my rabbitry. I use wool socks. I know, it may sound weird, but it works great!! I just slip the wool sock over the water bottle. With my "Flip N' Fill" water bottles, I cut a hole in the top, so I can pour the water in.

All the bunnies are doing good. I got 2 of the stacking cages in the rabbitry. They are very nice. (Now, that they are clean). Lol. Creampuff, is really looking promising!! Her head, could still be a tad better, but her type is coming very nice!! She is definatly getting some depth. And she is pretty wide!! Im a little unsure about her fur. It is kinda long, but that shouldnt matter to much. Im only gonna get 3 legs on her, then she is going into our chocolate breeding program.

Secret Scores babies have massive heads!! They are WIDE!

When I first started out in Mini Lops, I was looking for good type, and I didnt care about the head. Well, I got a little carried away, and there heads were keeping them from the tables. Well, then I went in search of rabbits with good heads. We have gotten some really nice heads, on our Mini Lop over the past year. Now we are improving the hindquarter. Creampuff has a beautiful hindquarter. She will have some awesome babies with the new bunny Im getting. We are getting a buck from Hoppin Herd Of Hares rabbitry, for our chocolate program. im hoping he will be here the end of December. (Lord willing).

Well, thats all for now. I hear that it is snowing in Medford! Yippee!! TTYL.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

More Cages...

Hi. I got the stacking cages from my friend today. I bought all 3. So I have 11 empty cages. The cages that I got from my friend are dirty!! They were caked with rabbit poop!! So, I took them to the car wash, and presure washed them. It worked really well!!!

All the baby bunnies are good. And all the grown up bunnies are good!!! I was gonna put my bucks in the little garage thing, but between the boat, lawnmower, and ATV there is no room!!

Thats all for now...



Sunday, December 7, 2008


Hi. I decided I would post a little more. I had to go eat dinner last night, so thats why I had to go. Shasta lost another baby, due to the same reson!! Im gonna put some hay around the nestbox, so incase another one falls out, maybe they will stay warm.

Im gonna go clean out the rabbitry today. Somebody is coming by to look at the bunnies, and maybe buy one. He isnt sure yet. All the other babies are doing great. I dont remeber if I told you or not, but i rebred Sweetpea last night to Oreo. These will be my last babies until Spring.

I got 2 more cages yesterday!! And im getting stacking cages from my friend!! She is getting out of rabbits, so Im gonna buy her stacking cages from her. Im sooo excited!! I will have TONS more cage space. We bought a little garage thing yesterday. Im gonna see if dad will let me put some bunnies in it. That would be soo cool!!!

Anyways, I have to go clean the rabbitry now. TTYL!!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

Fun, Fun!!

Hi. I had a great time at the Arabian farm with my grandma. She has 5 horses. There names are: Allie, Matt, Angel, Honcho, and Barbie. They are all crazy, because they arent handled. I have been to this ladys farm like 3 times, at least. Honcho, is the BIG money earner there. Matt is cut out for endurance!! He is the perfect size, and boy is he FAST! Angel, is a hott head. She has a horrible habit of running through the gates! Its very annoying!! All my horses, and very well behaved in all areas. But not these guys!! I tried to fix her of the habit, but she has been doing it for 26 years. Soo, not much help. Barbie, is 28. She is a very sweet little mare!! She has a clubbed foot, but she can move if she wants too!! Allie, is my favorite! She is the most well behaved out of all of them. I love her!! She is sweet, and gourgeous!! But the vet thinks she has a rock in her belly, and in time, it has had stuff grown around it, and it is getting bigger! Poor Allie colics almost every night!! She may have to be put down!! :( I hope the vet is wrong. But most likely not. :(

All the baby bunnies are good!! One of Shastas got out of the box, and died. :( Shasta was talking to him when I walked in the rabbitry. She is such a good moma! All Shastas babies eyes are open. I rebred Sweetpea. I wont rebred Melody until Spring.

I also got 5 baby Mini Rex from a lady, that cant take care of them anymore. Im keeping one. Her color is Castor, and she will do VERY well on the tables!! Her name is Dutchess. Well, thats all for now. TTYL


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Almost Christmas!!!!!!

Hi. Christmas is around the corner. Only 22 more days!! Me and my friend found a buck from our chocolate program!! He is beautiful!!!! Im gonna go to a Arabian farm tommorrow. I get to help my grandma. This ladys Arabs are soo well be haved. Anyways, I will post later.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Clean Up Time

Hi. Well yesterday I cleaned the bunny barn. Thanks to my moms help, it went fairly fast. I cleaned up the poop, while she organized my rabbitry. Thanks mom!! :D I also admirred the baby bunnies. And of course I already have a couple favorites. One is a fat little black baby from Gracy. And the other is a little broken baby from Secret Score. So cute!!

Since the smell that comes from rabbit poop, is really hard on baby bunnies lungs, im gonna start cleaning every other day. Luckily I have somebody coming to get bunny poop today!! Yippee!

Well I will post in a couple days!! TTYL