Friday, January 30, 2009

New Bunny!

Hi. Yup, we have a new bunny! Not a breed that I raise though. His name is Buckley, and he is a Netherland Dwarf. His varierty is Himalayian. Once some of my bunnies get sold, I might be purchasing a doe, to breed. I traded with Sam for Buckley. I gave her one of the baby Mini Lop bucks. The broken gold tipped steel one. She is gonna use him in 4-H. Not much has been going on. Ok, the Mini Lop doe that I was gonna keep, is a gold tipped steel. She devoloped white hairs on her shoulder. Is that a discalafaction? I think so, but want to make sure, before I sell her. TTYL.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bunny News

Hi. Cookie had babies! She had 8, but one was DOA, so she has 7 now. 2 of them are gold, and the rest are black. So cute! She actually had them monday. Sweetpeas babies are doing good. I guess one of Sams bunnies had babies too, but they were born dead on the wire. I cleaned the rabbitry yesterday. Nothing much is going on. So....TTYL.


Bunny News

Sunday, January 25, 2009

An Unexpected Surprise

Hi. We have a VERY unexpected surprise coming to our rabbitry soon. Cookie me black Dutch is PREGANT!! She is nesting as we speak! I got Cookie from Sam, and her only buck at the time is Marvin, a gold Dutch. So, that is the daddy. She has another buck, but she just got him about 2 weeks ago. I was feeding Sweetpeas babies, right after I had gave all the bunnies hay. I noticed Cookie was running around, colecting hay in her mouth. I thought OH NO, she's pregant! I felt her, and sure enough she IS pregant. So I gave her a nestbox. :) TTYL.



Hi. Sweetpea is not gaining weight (yet). Her babies are pretty skinny too. So, I have been giving both Sweetpea, and her babies extra milk. I have been using the evaporated kind. I have added oatmeal to Sweetpeas gain weight diet. Anyways, I was gonna tell everybody how to bottle feed a baby bunny.

Supplies: Chair (to sit on), marker, evaporated milk, and syringe.

Ok, so first you are gonna set your chair up, in front of the babies cage. Then you are gonna grab a baby bunny. First you are gonna mark his ear, with the marker. Then, you will lay him on his back, and hold him with one hand. You will get milk in your syringe, then put it up to the babies mouth, and drop a little bit in his mouth (make sure the milk is luke warm). Then, you will let him drink all that he wants. Make sure he eats at least 2CC twice a day. Then you are gonna gently rub his belly, and adomen. Then put him back. Do this will all the babies, and the mom. Thats how you bottle feed a baby bunny. TTYL.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bunny News

Hi. Sweetpea is getting skinny (again). She always gets really skinny when on a litter. So im shoveing food down her. Her not having enough milk was the promblem last time. Now its her being skinny. Im feeding her lots of pellets, grass, hay, and oats, muliple times a day. Hopefully she will start to gain some.
Well, I made my decsions on the baby bunnies. Im keeping Sunsets's Ash, a solid gold tipped steel Mini Lop doe. She looks NICE! And, Bear a Californian/NZ/Satin doe. She is kinda a gray gold tipped steel, but part of her is gold tipped steel. But, im keeping her for breeding only, and she will be a spoiled pet. TTYL.


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random Bunny News..

Hi. I was bored, so I decided to post a blog. All the bunnies are doing good. Sweetpeas blue colored baby is a buck. Darn! I was hoping for a doe, oh well. We also have a escape artist! Secret Scores her name, and escaping is her game. She has figured out how to push up the latch in her cage, and escape. So, I had to put a clip on it. Cookie is getting better with handling. She will let me pet her now. I was gonna let her play in the pen, but the weather got bad. I will probly bring her inside tommorow to play, if the weather is bad.

The cost of rabbit feed is becoming a issue lately. It is $18 for a 50lb bag! Gee! So, Im in search of a different brand of rabbit feed. Needs to be good % of protein, and green, not brown. I have been feeding 1 cup of food once a day to them. The babies get 1 cup each. They are getting a handful of hay at night also. Well, its time to go feed the animals. TTYL!!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Im Back!

Hi. Wow, what a great weekend at the coast! It was beautiful! Sunny, I think it got into the 70's. Wowza! Lol. We caught 7 crab (I think). We started with 4, then the state tropper came down to the dock. We were measuring from point to point, but I guess you are supposed to measure inside the points. So, he threw them back because they were literally a hair off. Oh well! Still a awesome weekend! :)

I sold 3 of the Mini Lops, and 2 of the Dutch. Of the babies, not the adults. All does. I sold her 2 of the gold Dutch does. The broken chincilla, chesnut, and broken gold tipped steel Mini Lop does. I decided to hold back just the gold tipped steel Mini Lop doe. I dont need to keep to many. But, she is a very promising little doe! ;)

The bunnies are really enjoying the outside pen. They love digging! I also cleaned the rabbitry today. Saturday I breed for roasters, for spring fair. Im gonna breed Lacy to Harley. Then in Febuary I breed for fryers, I will breed Gracy to Harley, Melody to Harley, and possibly Nakita to Snickerdoodles. Sunday I have a horse show. It is actually a clinic for in hand miniature and pony trail classes. But I think we get to show them also. Bethany is pretty good in trail, so we will see how it goes! :) Well, I better get off of here. TTYL.


Thursday, January 15, 2009


Hi. I just thought I would tell you tommorow Im leaving to the coast, wont be back until monday. So, I wont be posting until monday, or tuesday. Buddy, The 2 Mini Rex bucks, and Oreo got to play in the pen today. They had alot of fun. Although they were hard to catch (except Oreo, he is a momas boy, he comes right to me). They hopefully will get to play tommorow too. All the bunnies are doing good. My grandma is making me business cards! She came by, and got pics of the bunnies. Well, I will talk to you after the coast. TTYL. ;) Please remeber to check out the sales page!


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bunny Pen....BUILT!!!

Hi. We have a chicken coop, since we got rid of the chickens, I have been using the inside for storage. So, we decided to make the outside part a rabbit run! It is so nice! Tommorow the bunnies will get a chance to play in it.
I made more cuts on the Mini Lop babies. So far we have available: 1 chesnut doe, 1 chesnut buck, 1 broken gold tipped steel buck, and 1 gold tipped steel buck. The gold tipped steel is really nice! I was gonna hold him back longer, but I decided I dont need him.Just a quick update.TTYL.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Bunny News......

Hi. I got the pics of the bunnies! Although I have to put them up tommorow, camera needs to charge first! ;) All the Mini Lops, and looking soo promising! It was hard to decide! Im holding back 6 until 8 weeks: 1 broken chincilla doe, 1 gold tipped steel doe, 1 gold tipped steel buck, 1 broken gold tipped steel buck, and 2 chesnut bucks. Im for sure selling 2 bunnies. Here is some info:

Sunsets Brownie is a chesnut Mini Lop doe. She has nice type, good head, ear, and crown. Fur is ok. She slopes into her HQ, im sure it will round, as she gets older though. Right now, I cant afford to hold her back. Promising doe! $30. She will be pedigreed. Can be registered. Pet~Show~Breeding.

Sunsets Sunrise is a broken gold tipped steel Mini Lop buck. He has nice type, good head, ear crown, nice fur. He also slopes into his HQ, Im sure he will round out. Cant afford to hold him back. Promising buck! $30. He will be pedigreed. Can be registered. Pet~Show~Breeding.

Does anybody know where to get rabbit pedigrees, that you can fill out?? Please leave a comment on here if you do! Thats all for now. TTYL.



Sunday, January 11, 2009


Hi. Gee, I have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY! Where should I start...simple stuff first. Sweetpea has 8 babies still. Im making final cuts on the baby Mini Lops tommorow (I know, early) but mom wants them out of here. I wont sell them till 8 weeks, so I will make cuts then too. When I look at them tommorow, I will hold back the "for sure" ones, keep the "not sure" ones until 8 weeks, and advertise the "not staying" ones. If you want a Mini Lop, check out my website tommorow! We can find transport, if you dont live close. All of Shastas babies are for sale. I will get pics of them tommorow, and put them on the website. All Nakitas are for sale, and 6 of Gracy's are for sale. Im keeping one black steel looking doe.

We organized!!! I moved out cages to clean, move rabbits around. Cleaned the rabbitry its self. And Im gonna go look at more cages soon! I went to my friends house (Sam) yesterday, and took some bunnies to play with hers. I took: Oakey, Buddy, Oreo, and the 4 Mini Rex's. She took the two Mini Rex does. We traded actually. I gave her the two Mini Rex, for a really nice black Dutch doe. Her name is Cookie. She has amazing markings!!! Im not gonna judge her type yet, one of Sams dogs at her moms house got hold of Cookie, and took off alot of hair. So, Sams bunnies are at her dads house now. I will get pics of her (but they wont be good). I better go for now. TTYL.


P.S. Remeber email me at: if you are intersted in a bunny! ;)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Moving around

Hi. No, were not moving lol. I mean moving cages in the rabbitry. We have it all very well organized! It is looking nice! We weaned all the babied (except Gracy, and Nakita). We leave our meat breeds in with there moms longer, to help them grow faster. Im soo impressed with the babies from Secret and Roman! They are gonna be show stoppers for sure!! One of Shastas bucks, has discovered his calling. And decided to test it on his sister. (Mating). Lol! Poor little guy! (Dont worry I checked, he cant breed her, doesnt have his stuff yet). Sweetpeas babies are so cute! One is a blue!! Im so happy I got a blue! If it has good markings, I will keep it. (Lord willing). Well, just a quick update. TTYL.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Hi. Sweetpea had her babies Monday night. FINALLY! Lol. I didnt look at them till this morning. There are 8! They are soo cute! Looks like 2 golds, 5 blacks, and maybe 1 blue. A couple had missed markings. Oh well. A few had nice markings, from what I could tell. :) I was checking my calender today, and noticed today Shastas babies get weaned! Ahh, seems like just yesterday they were born! Im gonna wean hers, and Gracys tommorow. And Secrets thursday, and Nakitas friday. Gee, more work! Lol. Im ALSO gonna clean the rabbitry tommorow. I was gonna do it sooner, but I got to busy, and I didnt want to do it when Sweetpeas babies are only 1 day old. I have to go. TTYL.


Monday, January 5, 2009


Hi. Sweetpea is pulling fur! Im so happy! Im really hoping she has blacks. I will post when she has them.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Hi. Stolen from Keeps Rabbitry BLOG. Originally taken from 4 Kings Rabbitry.

1. How did you deceide the name for your rabbitry?
Well, we were making a rabbit sign for our driveway, to avertise our rabbitry. I was thinking of a name for my rabbitry, I started thinking about Sunsets. When we do have sunsets, they are the most beautiful ones I have seen! So, thats where the name comes from.

2. Youth or Open?
Youth right now. Mainly 4-H. I plan to start showing open next year, maybe sooner.

3. How long have you owned rabbits?
I had a rabbit when I was like 9, but then I gave him away. I got another bunny when I was 10. She is a Dutch named Shasta. I still have her too! So I have been doing this for 3 years.

4. What's the biggest win you've had so far(not that winning is everything!)?
Getting Double Grand Champion with one of my meat breed does. And getting BIS and BOB with my Mini Lop last year. And my first year, I got champion with my meat breed doe.

5. What's the most embarrassing or 'Ah Ha' moment with rasing rabbits?
Hmm, I cant really think of one. I think it was my first year in 4-H showmanship. My doe had been bred, so she was a little grumpy around the bucks. (Mind you, this was in the champion round). I had 2 bucks next to me. One was another Dutch like my Dutch, and the other was a HUGE I think it was a French Lop! He was bugging Shasta, and Shasta was being a bum. So I had to ask the girl to move down. (Of course I thought the judge wasnt looking) But he was! Lol.

6. How did you decide what breed to raise?
Well, we have 4 breeds right now. Dutch was our first breed. My friend had gotten a adorable black Dutch doe. So, I begged my parents to let me have a bunny, and let me do 4-H with it. They agreed, and I found the perfect Dutch. My second rabbit was a Californian I had purchased from my 4-H leader. I loved the breed, and dad thought they were great for meat production. I purchased a Mini Lop from Lana, of Hip Hoppin Rabbitry, and I instantly fell in love with the breed. Then, we have always loved the NZ for meat production. Then we have our rescued Champange D' Argent (Plan to start crossing her with my Satin). Then, we have my Satin buck.

7. What is your current 'set up' and how many cages?
We have about 26 holes right now. I plan to get about 30 in the future.

8. What's your short term goal (now to June 2009)?
Get some NICE Mini Lop babies on the ground.

9. Long term goal?
I want to go to shows, and have fun. And of course have tons of babies! And grand a homebred rabbit.

10. Anything else we need to know?
Nope, I cant think of anything. ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Bunny!

Hi. We got our new bunny from Qadoshyah! He is a broken lilac. Beautiful bunny! He is so sweet! His name is Oakey. My dad named him. Sweetpea is due sometime today. She palpated positive,we just have to wait and see. I also plan to clean the rabbitry today. All the baby bunnies are doing good. Creampuff is looking so good! Oakey is gonna get 3 legs(hopefully), then we will breed him to Creampuff, and my friends Mini Lop Bambi,for our chocolate program! Im gonna go ride my horse. Bye! TTYL.