Friday, July 3, 2009

Summer Time

Hi. Well, all the baby bunnies are doing great! They are SO much fun to watch bouncing around the nestbox. They all have there eyes open, so they are adorable! Sorry no pics, our computer is overloaded with them, so until I sort thru the pics, no pics, sorry. :( I have been keeping a good eye on all the bunnies behavior. Making sure non of them are gonna get sick and die. So far so good. If anything kills them, it would be this heat!! Its SO SO SO hot here! In the 100's!! ACK! And its muggy!! We are gonna take off the top part of the right side wall on the bunny barn, and put a shade cloth there. Then we are gonna put my dads HUGE idustrial fan up there, and get that hot muggy air OUT. That little fan doesnt work as well as I wish it did. It just doesnt reach clear to the other side of the bunny barn. :( Nice fan, but doesnt work to well. Well, thats all for a couple days. TTYL.