Monday, October 26, 2009


Hi. Well, Sweetpea had 5 babies sunday. One was a runt, and got sqwished tonight. :( So Sweetpea has 4 babies. There looks to be some steels, and maybe a couple blues.? Secret Score had her babies today. I didn't really "count" them, because Im not sure if she was done, she was a little upset. But It felt like she had about 5. So smaller litters, but thats good, because I haven't had any luck selling rabbits lately, plus we are getting 1 maybe 2 ND's in November. So, I need cage space, im moving out alot of GOOD either already breeding stock, or has great potenial to be good breeding stock. Well, thats all for today. :) TTYL.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Babies Are On The Way!

Hi. Well, Sweetpea was nesting and pulling hair yesterday, and she should have them today, (or maybe there already here, I havent checked yet). Im SO excited! I havent had baby bunnies all summer! Oh, and Secret Score had some hair pulled yesterday, and she had made a little nest. She isnt due until tommorow though. I also cleaned out the rabbitry yesterday. I sprayed down the trays, and they will go back in this afternoon, I dont want to upset Sweetpea if she is having babies. Well, I will post a blog probly tommorow, with hopefully 2 litters to talk about. WEEEEEE!!!!!! TTYL.


Saturday, October 17, 2009

News. . . . .

Hi. Well, I cleaned out the rabbitry. Im gonna hopefully clean it out again today. ;) Nothing much has been going on here. I bred Gracy to Harley (I might have metioned it in the last post). I tried to hand breed Lacy and Bear, but they were being STUBBORN! So, I left Lacy in with Harley overnight, and Bear in with Charlie overnight. I want to get a litter out of Charlie. Im considering selling a few rabbits I dont want to sell. Charlie is one of them, he is my pet bunny, but I have come to find out he is kinda timid, and tense, which is ok. But I would like to be able to take my pet bunny places, and it does fine. I took Buddy with me once up to the lake, to ride in our boat. And he was fine, and had fun. :) I really like Jersey Woolies, and fuzzy breeds. I would like to try one as a pet. I almost got a JW buck at Fair, but the owner, let someone else take him, because my mom was still thinking about it. Oh, well. Im also considering letting my young Dutch doe Cloud go. She is a very nice doe! Besides Shasta, the best doe in the rabbitry, markings, and type wise. She is a little un-even in her cheeks, but its ok. Im thinking about keeping her a little longer, and maybe taking her to fair, to see how she does. Another doe is Ash one of my ML's. I LOVE this doe! She is very sweet, but has awesome type! She is almost a year old, and has never been bred (sad). So, Im thinking of letting her go.
This Nov. we are gonna go down to Reno, NV to see Clinton Anderson (a horse trainer) Clinic. We are gonna go to Auburn, CA sometime while we are there, and get my BEW ND doe. And possibly a buck. :D There owner is VERY VERY VERY nice! I highly reccomend her! She is honest, and won't sell you a rabbit she wouldn't want to keep her self. Her name is Tamara (I think i spelt it right). Her website is: (I think).

On another note, the rabbits coats are HORRIBLE, they are ALL molting REALLY REALLY bad! I bought some oats, Im gonna see if it will help bring a nice coat to them, it has in the past. Well, TTYL.


Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hi. I just thought I would post some updates (nothing much). I haven't spent alot of time with the bunnies (I have been kind of sick). But lately I have been typing some of my Mini Lops. They are so pretty! But all in HORRIBLE molts. I must have gottonm like 3 big wads of hair off of Secret Score, before I had hair up my nose. Roman was being pretty good with posing. Ash is looking good! She is so pretty! And of course Oakey, is just a sweetie. I was holding him, and he was just like falling asleep. Such a cutie, lol. Well, Im gonna start going through the herd a little bit tommorow. Everybun could use some loves, and some brushing! Lol. I also plan to clean the rabbitry tommorow (Its a little over due). Uggggg...and I HATE spiders! I usually dont mind them, but they think its great to make webs, on the cages! Urggg, well tommorow, sadly the webs are going to go. Im also gonna try to get some pictures. :) TTYL.