Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Babies!! =D

Hi. So im not eggzagerating when I say I have "Bunnies coming out my ears!" Im very happy to say, all my does took, and had babies, except one (the litter I was really looking forward to). Cookie had a total for 9 babies (YIKES!), but 4 were still born, leaving her with 5. Sweetpea has 4 babies. Daisy has 3 babies (one looks JUST like Thumper, who I will be keeping). Cloud has 3 babies. Ash has 5 babies (3 solids, 2 brokens). Kitty never took, will be re breeding her tommorow. And Lacy has 10 babies (GEEZ!). Im glad the does had smaller litters, and that they are all doing well. Im really impressed with how good the new moms are. Ash is a AWESOME mom (I think I will end up making her a possible foster mom?) Cloud is very sweet, and takes good care of her babies. And as always Sweetpea, and Daisy take great care of there babies. Cookie, and Lacy seem to be grouchy. Cookie is SO SO SO protective. She attacks the hay/door, and she grunts, and tries to attack, when I pour her food in, or blow on her, for grunting. Oh well....Cookie will be gone soon enough. Hopefully I will have baby pictures to share very soon. =) TTYL.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decent Weather

Hi. Well the weather lately has been pretty nice. It has been raining quite a bit, but other then that, sunny, and nice. I plan to clean out the rabbitry tommorow. I was gonna go over my herd, but well over half my rabbitry is due to have babies, or are just coming off litters. I decided its not fair to type them now. ;) I have to say im pretty excited about all these babies! Most of the litters are pet litters, but I bred a couple to hopefully replace some doe's. I bred Cloud to Buddy, because Buddy is an amazing Dutch. He is the best in the rabbitry. I really love his cheeks, and his color, and type. Cloud I also really like. Her cheeks need help, and she needs to be darker blue, she is really light. But, Cloud has the stops Buddy needs. Buddy has nice stops, but they are ALMOST split stops (his momma has split stops).
Another litter I bred was, Ash, to Oakey. Im hoping to move out Ash, and was thinking of keeping something from her (if they are nice). Im looking forward to this litter. Another litter is my first litter of BEW. Im hopeing she took. =)
As you know I have alot of breeds in my rabbitry. I have decided for the best intrest of my herd, I need to let a breed or two go. Im thinking about only having about 5 holes for my Mini Lops (I may end up just selling out, and keeping a NICE breeding trio). So far my Dutch are staying. I KNOW my Netherland Dwarfs are staying. I really love ND, and think they are really fun to work with, so I will keep about 8 holes for them. I have decided I need to work up my meat breeds. I think im good on bucks, but maybe another doe, or two? I know meat rabbits are a HUGE hit here, and I need to keep them going.
Last night I was in the rabbitry feeding buns. And Cookie always paces her cage (she wants her box early). Well, I wont give it to her, until its time. But she had some hair pulled in the corner, so I decided to give her the box, just in case. No babies as of tonight. Anyways enough ranting. TTYL. =)


Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Babes!

Hi. Well we have new little babes in the barn! Daisy had 3 babies. One is almost all black, the other 2 are marked like Dutch. One is gonna be black, maybe steel, the other is gold. Its amazing how dominate gold is. There is no gold in the bloodline, until there great great grandma. Just thought I would let you know! More babes to come very soon hopefully! =D TTYL.