Thursday, April 29, 2010

Baby BEW

Hey. =] Here are pics of the baby BEW. He/she is a week and 4 days old. Hes doing great! His eyes opened (but he is a little shy). Thought you might enjoy the pics! =D

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Baby BEW!! =D

The New Addition up above =]

Top Gunner (up above)

Minnie Mouse (up above) being a butt to pose

Blue Boy (up above)

Snickerdoodle (up above)
Well, I am happy to post that RBTD Kitty, had 1 BEW baby last Sunday night. =D Since there is only one, and it was kind of cold at the time, I brought them both inside. Kitty seems to be taking good care of him, and hopefully this will be a nice addition to the BEW program.
But sadly, Minnie Mouse went blind in one eye. She for sure cant see out of it, and its fogged over. So Im putting Terimyacin in her eye 3X's a day. Hopefully this will get rid of it. If not, I will have to scratch her from my fair entry. =(
I have a person who is going to buy my rabbit poop everytime I have some. He has a garden shop, and sells rabbit manure. So that will be good. =]
And here is my offical fair entry:
Blue Boy
Minnie Mouse (pending)
Buddy (for showmanship, and breed judging)
LHHR Secret Score
Sunset's Ash
Hoppin's Oakey
LHHR Exclusively Roman
Precious Jewells Top Gunner
And my cross bred show doe, who doesnt have a name yet, lol. =]
Speaking of my cross bred show doe, she got tatoo'd last saturday. She was the only bunny who needed tatoo'd.
I was going to show Kitty, but she has gone "broody" and wont be any real competion.
BYE, BYE!!!!!! =D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crossed Bred Show Doe

Hi. Well in my last post, I had picked a californian/new zealand doe for showing. Well my mom actidently sold her, so i picked a shorter, smaller doe. She is nicer, and should mature nicely!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

New Show Doe??

Hi. Yesterday I was kind of looking at my meat litters, cause I never handle them, cause they go for meat, I was just seeing how crazy they were. LOL. Well, they were not crazy. I picked up a doe, and set her up on the table. She looks pretty nice! I think im gonna keep her, and make a show doe out of her. I seperated her from her siblings, and im in the process of getting buck stains off of her. Lacy her mom was a top show doe, so she should be nice. I also had my cousin go around and hold all the bunnies last night, they were all good, and she had some fun. =] BYE!


Friday, April 9, 2010

Retired Buns, and Summer

Hi. I have decided today to post about my retired buns, and what I do when summer comes around. To start, I do keep some bunnies, to retire. I only have 4. Only one of them is really retired, the other 3 have a guarnteed spot here. First off is Shasta, she is my very first rabbit ever. She is a absoult love. She hates plastic bowls. She is retired.
Second is Buddy. Buddy is my last baby from Thumper, and Thumper was my best bunny friend. Buddy is just like his dad. Just a sweetie. Of course he will never replace Thumper.
Third is Harley. Harley is just a special bun. I hate it when he chews on the wire, but it ammuses me to see him look at me like he knows he isnt supposed to be doing it. He knows his name, and is about the most annoying bun ever. But I love him very much, and he is always my first to greet me, and tell me he is about to start chewing. Such a ham..
Fourth is Gracy. Gracy is just Gracy. She is gonna have 1 more litter, then she is done. She loves about anything you give her food wise. She is a blackberry leave addict, and a cuddler. =]

As far as hot summer weather is very hard to keep buns happy in the heat. I litterally soak my bunnies with a hose to keep them cool. Frozen bottles, and boards are a pain. Soaking them is much better. I do it several times a day. I mainly get there ears, and body. I dont do there face, or nose. Theres my secret! =]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hi. =] Im very excited for April 18th. You know why?? Because my BEW Netherland Dwarf is due. She is looking prego (which im happy about). Hopefully there will be some nice looking babies in there!
I put Roman and Secret Score (Mini Lops) for sale. I have decided to just keep a breeding pair (Oakey, and Ash) to breed for ocasional pet litters. Both Roman and Secret are pedigreed, and registered with ARBA. Secret has 1 leg, and Roman has won BOS at my county fair. Im asking $100 for the pair. I will seperate if you would like. They produce nice babies together though.
I sold Cloud (Dutch) a couple days ago. She went to a girl in my 4-H club for a showmanship rabbit. She is a sweetie, so she should do well with her.
I have decided since im gonna be focusing on my Netherland's, I will only be keeping 3 Dutch. Shasta, Sweetpea, and Buddy. I will work on moving my bunnies today, so I can have them more organized.
It may seem mean to some viewers, but since I couldnt sell Brownie, he was butchered with my meat litter of 4 from Gracy. He was kind of a crazy buck. Cookie will also be going that way, when my 9 meat babies from Lacy are ready to be procesed. Cookie is a real mean rabbit. You cant even touch her without her trying to attack you, so I dont feel right trying to sell her for a pet home.
Have a nice day!! TTYL. =]