Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh The Bunnies..

Melvin all set up
Playing in the grass with his momma

What a little chub chub!

He's getting the hang of setting up

Mmmm, yummy grass!

Well the bunnies are doing great! The baby BEW has been named. We named him Melvin, because he looks like a Melvin, lol. He LOVES grass and Clover. He is looking really nice conformation wise. Im thinking I will be keeping him, because another buck wouldnt hurt, lol. =] Lacy had her babies. Im not sure how many yet, but there are ALOT of them!! Sweetpea hasn't had any yet, although she made a nest, and she still feels prego. Daisy pulled hair, and made a nest, but no babies. Although she feels really skinny, so Im hoping she didn't eat them. There is also supposed to be a thunderstorm tommorow, so Im hoping it doesn't upset them.

I made up Ash's babies, and Melvin's pedigrees. They look good, and I have alot of people intersted in Ash's babies, and I haven't even advertised them yet, lol. =] Have a nice night!! =D TTYL.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


Hey. =] All the babies are doing great. Im not sure if I mentioned it in the last post or not, but Ash now has 4 babies instead of 5. Im not sure where the 5th one went, but he isnt in there.
The baby BEW is doing great. Starting to hop in and out of the box now. He is looking like he is gonna have nice type! He is very stocky, which is what I could use a bit more of in my rabbitry.
I have decided that im gonna not get the breeding pair of otters, until I sell all the bunnies I have for sale. Then I can reward my self with a new breeding pair! =D My mom likes this decision better to. =]

Thought I would give a quick update!! =D Thanks!


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Hi. =] I am going to register with the ANDRC (American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club). I am excited! I plan to just raise Netherland Dwarfs, in BEW and Otter. And I will keep Ash and Oakey for a litter of Mini Lops occasionally. =] Other then that, it will all be ND's, and Meat breeds. I will still have Shasta and Buddy, and I'm thinking of selling Sweetpea, but I'm not sure yet. I'm also going to purchase an apron from the ANDRC. =DDDD
Ash has only 4 live babies now. I don't know what happened to the 5th one, but there is now 2 solids, and 2 brokens. 2 does are reserved, and I have another lady interested in 1. So they are going very quick, lol. Have a nice day! =]


Monday, May 3, 2010

Baby Mini Lops

Well Ash had 5 babies this morning. There are 3 brokens, and 2 solids. They are all fat, and she pulled alot of hair. Im hoping to keep a nice show quality doe, to replace Roman and Secret Score. I have a lady wanting 2 for her daughters.
The baby BEW is doing great. He is very fat, and is binkying about the nestbox. =] Theres an update for ya! =D