Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh my

Wow, summer has flown by way to fast! Its hard to believe im starting school this coming Monday. :( Oh well, highschool won't be to bad, hopefully. Alot has gone on since my last post. I sold all of my baby bunnies except 2, a black vm buck from Daisy is possibly going to a new home tommorow. The other one is a solid gold tipped steel doe from Ash. I sent her and her litter mates to the pet store, and she was being aggressive, and moody. All of Ash's litter were very sweet, coming up to the cage, being held, but for some reason this little girl has always been moody. Since i dont feel comfortable selling her to a pet home, she will be culled from the herd.
I bred Gracy and Kitty, and sadly niether were very good sucess. Kitty never kindled. Gracy had 6 babies, and 5 of them died in the heat dispite all our efforts, and the last one, we brought inside, and from the beginning he was skinny, he would scream for no reason, I would try to bottle feed him, and sadly he passed away, but at least he is no longer suffering.
Tommorow im taking Minnie Mouse, and the black VM buck to a gal named Amelia. She raises Netherland Dwarfs, so im gonna trade her for one of her black otter junior bucks. Her website is: She is very sweet, and helpful, check out her site!
I was finally able to sell Secret Score and Roman to a 4-H breeding home, so I hope they do well for there new owner. I have been moving out quite a few bunnies, and im grateful for that. I have decided to still do Meat bunnies, and Netherland Dwarfs on a small scale for now. I will be keeping Ash and Oakey as a breeding pair of Mini Lops, and I will keep Shasta (retired) and Buddy (showmanship bunny), Melvin, Gunner, and Kitty. Hopefully this will reduce numbers, and if in the future its not working out, I may almost sell out, although I will always have the meat bunnies, as they sell REALLY well. =]