Thursday, October 30, 2008

Its GREEN!!!!

Hi! Ok so usally my rabbit food is kinda a brownish color. Well i just bought more rabbit food, and this time it is GREEN!!!! The bunnies like it alot more! Except Thumper, so im gonna buy some regular 'brown' feed to give to Thumper. I think the 'green' rabbit food is to rich for him. Lol. Well i bred all my does except Lacy, and my Mini Lop Creampuff. Yes i fianlly got my new Mini Lop doe. She is a cream color. But i think she is turning into a true Linx!!! That would be cool if she did.
So anyways, Im gonna probly end up keeping a buck from Secret Score. And if she doesnt take, then im gonna sell her, and replace her. I might even get a BEW buck when i get more room!! Im very excited. I might get sell Sweetpea. I really like her, but im making some tough desions, to get more into my Mini Lop BEW program. Im searching around for some good BEW, if you have any let me know!!


Monday, October 27, 2008

New Bunny!!!

Yesterday i bought my new Mini Lop doe from Alison Young of Mapleears Rabbitry!!! Her name is Creampuff, and her color is cream. Very nice type for being so young.
I bred Gracy, Sweetpea, and Shasta yesterday. Tonight i put Secret Score in with Roman, Melody in with Harley, and Nakita in with Snickerdoodles. So tommorow i will put them back in there own cages. I will palpate them in about 15 days to see if they are pregnant.
Rember how I said Secret Scores fur is bad??? Well her fur has turned into a lovely thick rolling coat. And her type has improved alot!!! So i think she was just going through her gangly stage. Im gonna get her bred once more, then show her some more then bring her back to the breeding program.
Im considering seeing if Alison will take Roman and Secret Score to show in Albany. Maybe, we will see. Well thats it for now.

~ Kayla of Sunset Rabbitry

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mini Lops

Hi. I went to a annul pumpkin carving yesterday. It was sooo much fun!!!! The pumpkin seed fights were so intense!!! Lol.
Anyways, im hoping that we are gonna get a new addition to Sunset Rabbitry. She is a junior cream Mini Lop doe. Im hoping to go check her out sometime. Im gonna be getting her from Mapleears Rabbitry! Visit her website at: It is a cool site, and she has some nice Mini Lops, and Mini Rex.
Im working on maybe in the near future getting into Pointed whites. If i do, im only gonna work with the chocolate pointed whites at first. Im gonna try to rebreed Secret Score today. Hopefully she takes, or im gonna probly sell her.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Total Bunny Count

Hi. So far here is what i have in bunnies.

Mini Lop: Lu, Secret Score, and Roman
Dutch: Thumper, Shasta, Sweetpea, Buddy, and Oreo
Cali./New Zealand: Gracy, and Lacy
New Zealand: Melody, and Harley
Champange: Nakita
Satin: Snickerdoodles
Babies: 2 does, and 1 buck

So far i have 17 rabbits. At one time i had 82 bunnies! It happened when i had to breed all my does for fair. (To keep all the poor love struck bucks at bay.) Lol. I breed all my does, and like allways they had 8+ babies per doe. With the exception of Gracy having 13! It doesnt suprise me. :)

Well this post was kinda dull and short.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Horse Show Results

Hi. I had alot of fun at the pinto show. I show Bethany my minature horse in a halter class, and a jumping class. Sadly they combined all the halters classes together do to lack of entries, and we did not get there in time to show Bethany in the halter class. But we did very well in jumping. In the first round she got first place. In the jump off she got 3rd because she knocked one down. But the turn was really tight, and the jumps were high, but she still did very good.

Friday, October 17, 2008


Hi! Tomorrow im taking Bethany to a horse show. Wish me luck. Lol. Im entering in a jumping class, a halter class, and a costume class!
Im gonna give Secret Score and Melody their nestboxes. Secret is getting a bigger tummy! Im not sure about Melody, she wont let me touch her. I think i should handle her more.
Sadly i didnt make it to the rabbit show in Glide. I had to help get firewood. Im not sure which show im going to next.
Im not sure about keeping Lacy's baby now. She is a great little doe, but i think i will hold her back, and she how she devolops.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mini Lop Nationals

Hi, sorry i havent posted in forever. Im pretty sure im gonna go to Mini Lop Nationals. Im pretty excited. I might be going to the show in Albany, and there i will be picking up my rabbit from Velvettouch Rabbitry.
All the bunnies are doing good. I will post in a couple days.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Hi. I need transportation for my new bunny. Im getting a Mini Lop from someone in Tualatin,OR. I think they actually live in Willsonville. I need someone to transport her to Grants Pass for me. Email me at for more info.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Changing the rabbitry

We are changing the rabbitry a little bit. Im gonna change to stacking cages, and im gonna stop breeding Dutch. Oreo and Buddy are for sale. Im keeping Shasta, Thumper, and Sweetpea. Im also gonna breed Lynx Mini Lops! I will have 4 varierties at the rabbitry:Chesnut,Broken Gold Tipped Steel, Broken Chocolate, and Lynx. :D I bought a new pair of nail clippers yesterday. Im hopeing they will clip through Nakitas thick nails. LOL. I will post later.