Saturday, March 28, 2009

Nestboxes, Tatooing............

Hi. Gracy and Nakita, recieved there nestboxes 2 days ago. They are due tommorow. Gracy made a BEAUTIFUL nest. Nakita made a...............ummmmmmm.........not really a nest. But, I cant really remeber her ever making a "nest". So hopefully she is pregant. I also got the following rabbits tatoo'ed: Ash, Buddy, Oreo, Cookie, Buckley, Bear, Melody, and Snickerdoodles. Sam got all but 2 of her's done too. They also got there nails trimmed. Ash was at Sam's, but I need to put weight on her (not that Sam doesnt feed them), but she was fine at first, then she went all skinny, and she had bumps on her. ????????????? But, the bumps are gone, and hopefully she will gain weight. TTYL.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Random Bunny News

Hi. All the bunnies are doing great. Ash, and Oakey went to Sam's for spring, and maybe summer. Ruby (my keeper from Sweetpea) got sold, to a great pet home. Only 2 more to go. Oreo may go, Creampuff may go. If Creampuff doesnt have anything chocolate in her litter, then I will sell her, and buy a chocolate doe. Lacy has 3 bucks, and 3 does. Even steven. :) I have a showmanship practice meeting this saturday. Im also taking 7 rabbits to get tatoo'ed. I cleaned out the rabbitry too. TTYL.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Hi. Gee, im getting a little lazy on posting, huh? Nothing much has been going on. Lacy's babies have there eyes open, there fur, and they are starting to come out of there box. Im putting 5 of my bunnies up for sale, so I can get a goat. I take care of my neighbors dogs, and goats, and he has this goat that I named Snowflake. I love her, and I plan to bring her home sometime :D. So, Ash is for sale, to a show/breeding/pet home. ONLY $15. pedigreed, and CAN be registered!!!! Amazing type!!!!! Sweet personalty. Transport CAN be aranged, if you live out of STATE, or cant come get her. She is awesome. She has an AMAZING head, ear, and crown. GREAT fur! AMAZING depth!!!! My email is: More to come soon!! TTYL.


Saturday, March 14, 2009

Lack Of Postings....

Hi. Sorry for the lack of postings. I have been busy. Lacy's babies are doing great, despite all the cold weather. They are at there cute stage now, lol. I got my gilt, and my show barrow, for pig fair. We put them in the chicken coop (rabbit run). They have a heat lamp, so thats probly part of the reson the bunnies are staying warm. I bred Creampuff, to Oakey a few days ago. I feel they complement each other nicely. Oakey has the small, short body, Creampuff needs. And Creampuff has the dept, and head Oakey needs.

Ash is looking good. She is so nice. I think she will pair nicely with Oakey. Go to go. TTYL.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New Bunnies!

Hi. We have new bunnies!! Two, acctually. I traded 2 baby Dutch, for 1 New Zealand White doe. She is very nice, and has a good temperment. Last week...I think, I took the two Mini Rex crosses to Pet Country. Today I took the 3 Mini Lops there. They had this ADORABLE blue or smoke pearl (cant figure out which color yet), Netherland Dwarf doe!!! Her ears are PUINY!!!!! She is small, I think she will look good with Buckley. My ND search is over!

One of Lacy's babies fell out of the nestbox, and froze. So......that leaves her with 6 babies. Hopefully this litter is a little more sucsessful, then the last two. I also bred Gracy, and Nakita for fryers a couple weeks ago. My poor little Ash, she is SKINNY! I cant figure out why. I feed them top quality food, and they are fed twice a day. I think she is starting to put on a little weight now.

My horse trainer has this Mini Lop buck, that she wants to re-home. His nose has been chewed up a bit, and he has some balance issues. But, he is sweet. He is a VM Mini Lop buck, with blue eyes. He can probly be used for BEW, but I wouldnt try it, cause of his "issues". All she wants is for him to have a LOVING home. So, if you are intersted let me know. :) TTYL.