Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Hi. Fair is coming up! This coming weekend! Friday is vet check + cage assignments, saturday is fair, and sunday is fair!! It will be a TON of fun!! :D All the bunnies are doing good. We cleaned the cages yesterday, and sprayed down the trays. We also cleaned off hutch stains on the bunnies (they got a little bath, hehe). Some of the rabbits had sore hocks, so I treated them with antibotics. Im hoping vet check will let them in. I bred Creampuff to Oakey, and Melody to Harley. So, we will be having litters soon! :) Theres a quick update. Wish me luck for fair! :D TTYL.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pictures, and News


Charlie, Hmm something smells (tell you later)
Izzy and Floyd "BRING IT ON" lol

Izzy Set Up

Floyd on left, Fred on right (sorry hard to see)

Baby Bunnies (tell you later)

Eating Food

Charlie (tell you later)



Hi. Well this week has been interesting. Ok, so first off we got another baby goat named Fred (dad named him). He looks like Izzy. Then, Sam's rabbit Thumper had 7 babies 3 weeks ago, Thumper died, and so did one baby, so Im bottle feeding them. Coco also had babies, but they are 7 weeks old. Coco was killed by something, so I took her 3 too. Im keeping one of Cocos babies, a blue doe with PERFECT markings!! And maybe 1-2 of Thumpers. Sam lost a few bunnies these past couple weeks. Blueberry, Emolly, Thumper, Coco, Bambi, and Cinnamon. I dont know why, but they died. :( And, then I fell in love with Sam's step sisters bunny, Charlie. So, I took him home. ;) I let him run around the rabbitry today. ;) I also bred Shasta to Oreo (i think i told you in the last post). There's a quick update. :) TTYL.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Long Time, No Post..

Hi. Sorry for the lack of updates, we have been busy. Izzy is still alive and she is getting big! She is 10 days old. :) We also got another abonded goat, this time a boy and his name is Floyd (dad named him). He is 5 days old today. ;) They are both doing great! The day before yesterday, we had to put down one of the baby pigs. I wont go into details, but it happened to be my favorite one. :( I also cleaned out the rabbitry a few days ago. I bred Shasta to Oreo last night. I also chose my fryers and roasters. My roasters got tatoo'ed and my fryers will tommorow. Im pretty happy with my roasters. A little long in shoulder, but I was able to choose 3 NICE looking ones, that are coming into there shoulders. ;) My fryers are looking awesome. Nothing to complain there. If anything shorter shoulders, but they are developing into there shoulders, as well.

Well, a friend of mine last year came and got a Dutch buck from me. Well, now they have ND and want to breed to Blue, I accepted, and in exchange I will get first pick of the litter. :D Did I mention the doe they want to breed is a tort?? Double :D :D. LOL. Anyways theres a update. ;) TTYL.