Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No Babies. . . .

Hi. Well, I have been so busy I have forgotten to post blogs! Lol, well im not sure if I posted it or not, but I bred Gracy, Lacy, and Bear in August (I think I did post it). Well, they are all at LEAST 3 days over due, and NO babies......hmmm. I cant palpate my meat does very well, so im gonna have my mom *try* to palpate them, if she doesnt feel anything, I will rebreed them tonight, when its cooler. Speaking of breeding, I bred Sweetpea to Blue (weird cross, tell you later), and Secret Score to Buddy, for our FIRST batch of Dutch Lops! :D I tryed, and tryed to breed my ND doe to Blue, but she was not giving very well, so I just decided to breed Sweetpea, who was very much in heat, and made it easier for Blues first time breeding a doe. Im still gonna put a box in with the ND doe, just in case. ;) Well, thats all for now. TTYL. Oh, I updated the site.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Meat....Or Fancy?

Hi. I thought I would post a blog about personal opions about Meat Rabbits, and what we call "Fancy" Rabbits. I love all my Fancy breeds for there type, and temperment, but when it comes down to it, in this economy, they dont sell as well. Meat rabbits are awesome.

Meat Rabbits are awesome. Great type, and temperment. Even if they dont sell for meat (which about 99% of the time they do), we still can eat them our selfs. It may sound....mean...horrible...or disquisting to butcher rabbits, but its not that bad. Its quick and painless to a rabbit, and they dont know its coming. So, me and dad are trying to work towards GOOD type on my meat rabbits right now. Since at fair if your Fryer or Roaster pen wins, and gets to go to auction, you usually get at least $1000 for 3 rabbits. Thats over $300 a rabbit! I will take that!!! Lol. Just thought I would post my opion.

Please dont feel ofended, if you dont like that we butcher rabbits...thanks.

~Kayla :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Almost Autumn!

Hi. I cant believe fall is just around the corner! This heat doesn't make it any eaiser to believe. Where did July go? Well, we haven't lost any more rabbits. It has been in the mid 80's lately, so thats good. About a week ago I bred, Lacy, Gracy, and Bear. Lacy and Gracy were bred to Harley, and Bear, was bred to Snickerdoodles. So around late September we will have more babies! :D I decided to talk a little bit about rabbits that we want to keep forever, to live out there days at the rabbitry. Well, I have made my decisions, on who is so far worthy enough to stay here. ;)

*Oakey. Oakey is a real sweetie. He loves head rubs, and to be held and loved. Even though he has only sired a couple litters, his personalty lets him stay. I made a mistake breeding him to Creampuff, and the babies aren't that great. I plan to breed him to Secret Score, as they complement each other well. ;)

*Buddy. Buddy is my showmanship rabbit, and is my replacement of Thumper. I miss Thumper, but Buddy is just as great, such a sweetie!

*Sweetpea. Sweetpea was from Shasta's first litter. I love this doe. She takes good care of her babies. If one of my friends wanted her as a pet, I MIGHT consider, but 99% no.

*Harley. Harley as produced countless litters for me. He has produced winning babies, which lets him stay. He is also a big love.

*Shasta. Shasta was my very first rabbit, and I will never sell her. She is a spolied pet now, and she knows it. She has produced countless GREAT litters for me, with last litter being her last. Plus she is my Ex-Showmanship rabbit (A really good one at that). I let her run around while I feed everyone at night, she's such a cutie/sweetie.

*Gracy. Gracy was from my 2nd litter of babies ever. She was smoke gray when she was born, a real cutie. She has produced countless litters, and Lacy is one of her double champion daughters (whom im really proud of). Gracy is a sweetie.

*Snickerdoodles. I love Snickerdoodles. He produced Bear, which is a champion doe. I love Bear, and am happy with Snickerdoodles. He is a sweetie.

There are a few rabbits on the ? side of things. But these ones for sure get to stay. ;) Well, have a great day. TTYL.