Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sad News...and some good news

A Baby Dutch/Netherland Dwarf Buck
Minnie Mouse (Younger BEW doe)

Minnie Mouse (First time setting up)

Kitty (on left) and Top Gunner (on right)

Kitty (Older BEW doe)

Baby Dutch/Netherland Dwarf, playing in the grass

Top Gunner (BEW Buck)

Baby DutchLop

Baby Dutch/Netherland Dwarf babies


Hi. Well the weather has been pretty nice these past couple days! I let some bunnies out to play in the grass, and took some pictures (above) of some of the babies, and my new BEW Netherland Dwarfs. =) I still have to try to clean out the rabbitry tommorow. Im hoping it will be another nice day, and I can get some organizing done. ;)

Well, we unfortunatly have some bad news....Bear is very sick. Last night, I went into the barn to feed, and she had her head pulled up against the door, kinda funny, so I kinda moved her back, and I let go, and she kinda stumbled, and something is wrong with her feet. She has the back ones all tucked under her, and her one front foot, is all turned up, and the other one, is very...................odd is the only word I have for it. I took her inside, and something is for sure wrong with her. She is breathing kinda funny, she wont eat anything, so she is VERY skinny. I got her to eat some blackberry leaves, and I gave her a cotton sweatshirt to sit on. I put some food there for her, it seems that she is not able to reach her head up to reach her feeder. She is drinking water though, so thats good. She is also peeing all over herself. Im really hoping its not something genetic, but thats the only thing I can come to, because there is no reson for her behavior. She seems to be in alot of pain, which makes it hard. Im trying to save her, but if she doesnt improve, im gonna have to put her down. Its not fair to let her suffer. If I could get her better, she would have to just be a pet. It breaks my heart, because she is such a sweetie, and is the best typed meat rabbit in the barn. =( Please send your prayers her way. =)

Today, also was the first day, all the water bottles froze (UGHHHH!!!) I hate it when that happens. I was able to open the door, and keep the light on, and they thawed out, so I hope that works for a little bit. =) I also updated everything on the website, so check it out! Have a good day! Enjoy the pics! TTYL.


Monday, November 23, 2009

Almost Thanksgiving!

Hi. Well, Thanksgiving is right around the corner!! I love Thanksgiving, its so much fun!
All the bunnies have been doing great. Daisy is being SO stubborn to breed. She wont lift. She sits still, but refuses to lift. Minnie (my youngest BEW Netherland Dwarf) is doing good. She is still inside.
I plan to get some pictures when its sunny out. ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009


My faithful bird dog...Roy
Baby Bear

A baby Mini Lop

A baby Dutch

A little Holiday picture, with Shasta, Gracy, and Thumper

Hi. Well, none of my meat doe's ever had babies. :( I dont know what the deal is. *Sighs* Im gonna re-breed Gracy, and breed Melody. Lacy needs to lose some weight, and Gracy maybe could too, but Bear needs to gain weight, and Melody is perfect. Im also gonna atempt to breed Daisy to my new BEW buck. I want to see if she is a VM doe. Im also gonna clean the rabbitry, and organize *hopefully*. I also plan to work with my horses (all of them). Well, better get started. TTYL. Oh, and I put some random pictures up, lol. (They are old pics).


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Bunnies!!

Hi. Well, we just got our new bunnies! They are all BEW Netherland Dwarfs. 2 does, and 1 buck. AND..............THEY ARE PEDIGREED!! I was only gonna get the one buck, and doe. But I picked out a...she must only be like 5 weeks old (the lady weans them to early) little doe. She is VERY VERY VERY small, and skinny, so the lady was afraid she might not live, so she through in the older BEW doe just in case. So far so good. They are all VERY sweet. :) I would highly recommend her. Im not sure if she weans them early, or if they are just really that small, lol. Well, I named the younger BEW doe Minnie Mouse (Minnie). I named the Older BEW doe Kitty (she came with that name). I'm choosing between a few different names for the buck. Either...... Siskyou, Summit Up, Jack Frost, or Top Gunner. I will choose soon. :) These are ALL SHOW QUALITY BEW. Im really excited! The older doe, has already had a litter of 6, with one BEW doe in the litter.

I plan to clean out the rabbitry tommorow. I will get pics tommorow. TTYL.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Hi. :) Well, Im very excited to have babies here, with more on the way! :D Sweetpea has 3 babies, 1 blue, and 2 gray. Secret still has her 5 little babies. Most of them have white spots on them, so they wont be showable, but Dutchlops will need some help in type, lol. All of SS are Chesnut. Of course babies are ADORABLE, but every now and then, one little baby captures your heart. Well, one has caputured mine. :) It's one of Sweetpeas, and he is a steel, he is mis marked, but has the SWEETEST personalty! He is the only one I hold, and give kisses, and he doesnt "popcorn" lol. I put him in my sweatshirt pocket, and carry him around with me when im feeding. :) His name is Stripey. Lol, silly name, but it fits him well. ;) I will keep him as my pet, and most likely sell Charlie. I love Charlie, and will try to find some way to keep him. I love all my buns, and have to try REALLY hard to not cry when they go to new homes, they are my babies, and are always loved. Shasta got some special love yesterday, and so did Gracy. These are probly 2 of my fav does in the barn, (shhhhh! Dont tell the others!) Shasta, and Gracy are for sure here to stay, they have more than enough earned there stay here. :) In fact looking at pictures yesterday I found some baby pictures of Gracy, she was SO SO SO cute as a baby! She was like a smoke gray color when she was a baby, and it slowly went away. I have to go. TTYL.