Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years

Hi. Well, as 2009 wines down to an end, I think of how blessed I am in all I do. I have done very well with my rabbits, and horses. I plan to work harder to do better with my pigs (show wise), but I feel I have done well. Here are some of my rabbit New Year Resolutions:

1) Cut Back On Rabbits, That I Dont Need
2) Improve on type in my rabbits
3) Attend more shows

Thats basically it in rabbits. Have A Happy New Year!!! =]

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas is just around the corner....

Gracy is in the middle

Can you see the little gray bunny in there?
Can you see her?

Such a Cutie


Look how cute I am!

Hi. Well, not much as been happening lately. But, for some reason, I felt the need to post one. But, this is gonna be Gracy's special post. Since I love Gracy VERY much, and she is my favorite. She is SO sweet, and LOVES kids, and anyone who will love her, and rub her sweet little head. But, mostly she is the one I thrive to see when I walk into the rabbitry. She loves her babies, and will take on anyones babies, hands down, and not think twice. She is the perfect mother. Although she is nearing retirement, I know she will allways take babies, when I need her to. Everytime I pet her babies, she comes up, and gives me kisses. I recently found some baby pictures of Gracy(pictured above). When she was born, she was gray, not white, gray. As time went on, she went white. I can rember taking some baby bunnies to the local feed store, to sell. And these people wanted more then I had. So I gave them my #, and said call me, and you can come pick some out. Well, there daughter wanted a really sweet one. I thought of Gracy. I told her I had a really sweet bunny, I would sell her. Well, they never called, and now, Im REALLY glad they didnt. =) Pictures are up top.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Loads of cute babies on the way! =)

Hi. So, as you can probly guess from my title, we have TONS of babies on the way! Every single one of my does (except Melody) are bred! =O Seems like a nice way to kick off the year! Here are the does I bred:

Cookie X Charlie
Sweetpea X Top Gunner
Daisy X Buddy
Cloud X Buddy
Ash X Oakey
Kitty X Top Gunner
Lacy X Harley......
and soon to be Secret Score X Blue

So LOTS of babies coming. They are all gonna be in time for Easter. The pet store I sell to, says they will take LOTS of babies on Easter. =) Im SO excited. Although, I have decided to cut back my numbers pretty good. Im planning to just keep the Dutch I have, and maybe sell some Mini Lops? Im looking to get more into my Dutch and Netherland Dwarfs. Im thinking of this spring/summer (pending on how many bunnies I cut back on), bringing in a nice Dutch doe, marked nice, with good type. We will see what the future holds.

I have been cleaning cages lately. Tommorow im gonna get some horse feed, and a couple bales of straw. Im also gonna clean out the rabbitry, again. And hopefully do some brushing/nail trimming/vent cleaning. ;) So, tommorow is dedicaded to the bunnies.

Gracy has 4 babies. She had 5, but we lost one due to the cold. She has been keeping them very fat, and I make sure I cover them with LOTS of hair/straw. Melody never took. I think its because she is a little to fat. So, im gonna get her to lose some weight, and breed her in January for Roasters, for fair. Hopefully Gracy will be able to take on another litter, for Febuary fryers. If I dont find another meat doe, that is. If not, I will have to deal with my roasters. =) Im thinking I may have to buy more nest boxes, in order to house all these babies. =) Im also gonna start collecting the hair I get from the bunnies, to put in with the babies, to keep them extra warm. I will probly purchase my nest boxes from Nui Kai, they have nice big nest boxes, and they sell them for pretty cheap, because they have a hard time getting rid of them. =) I was also able to get a couple dwarf size nest boxes. =) MERRY CHRISTMAS!! =)

~Kayla & All The Bunnies~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hi. Well, im starting to feel a little better about Bear. But, I wont bore you, and rant on about her. =) Well, I got some bunnies bred yesterday. =) I bred Cookie to Charlie, and Ash to Oakey. I tried to breed my BEW doe, but she wasnt giving, and she wasnt today either. I will try her again tommorow, im gonna leave the lights on in the barn, as soon as it starts to get dark. If that doesnt work (hopefully it will). I will tease her a little bit. TTYL.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

New News

Hi. Sorry I havent posted lately. I have been a little torn by having to put Bear down. Its just not the same in my little rabbitry. All my bunnies love me, and get excited when they see me, but I cant help but sigh when I look in Bears empty cage. =( It will probly take a little bit for me to get over my little baby. Im almost afraid to keep anything from Snickerdoodle. I LOVE his babies, and I hope he isnt passing something bad onto his children. Its just kind of funny, because my friend took a black doe (bears sister), and she died to un known causes. We just assumed from the heat, but now I kinda wonder.

Things have been pretty good in the rabbitry. Although the froozen water bottles were getting to be a pain, so we took them all off, and gave everyone crocks. We bought a de-freezer for the horse trough, and wrapped one of my pigs waterer with insulation, and put heat tape on the nozzel. My sows water is automatic, so we just put heat tape on it, to keep it from freezing. =)

Last Sunday, I got Daisy bred!! =D She would not give to Blue, so I let Buddy breed her, somebody has to breed that stubborn little girl, lol. TTYL.


Thursday, December 3, 2009

RIP Bear

Hi. Well, yesterday I went out to feed, and Bear was ok. But I was going around feeding them, and she flopped on her side, and couldnt get up, and was flailing trying to get up. I couldnt stand to see her like that anymore, all the pain it must cause her, so I had my dad put her down today. Her last memories were good ones, I had him let her out, to eat lots of grass, and she got to run around a bit (freely), and she didnt know what hit her. She is in a much better place now. Even though I miss her lots, its not fair for her to feel pain, because I dont want to say goodbye. In a way it makes me almost mad, because, I was gonna breed her for my fryers/roasters for fair. Cause she was the best looking bun in the barn. Gracy and Melody are already bred, and will probly be too late to have babies in time for fair (could be wrong). That leaves me left with Lacy. She is a really nice doe, dont get me wrong, but bred to Harley, they tend to have a little long of a shoulder. So, im gonna search around for a REALLY nice Ex Show doe, and breed her.

Well, thats my news, sorry it was kinda sad, but thats all I have to say. TTYL.