Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Weekend

Hi. This past weekend was Spring Rabbit Fair. It was so much fun!! Friday at about 5pm we went in to vet check my rabbits. I decided to take 6 (Blue, Buddy, Secret Score, Roman, Gunner, and Love Game). When I brought Gunner (BEW junior ND) up to the vet check lady. She started saying how beautiful he was, she loved his type, his ears, his head, everything about him. So that made me hopeful that he would do well. =] Saturday was the first day of showing. I showed Love Game, and got BOB over all the Crossbred bunnies. And at 3pm we did Showmanship. I got a callback, and I did really well. =] I then showed Buddy, and got 2nd Blue. On Sunday I showed Secret Score and Roman, and they went over weight, and got DQ'd. The judge loved them. Then I took Top Gunner up to the tables. There were quite a few ND up there, and some nice ones at that! Anyways..............................Gunner won BOB over ALL The Netherland Dwarfs in the show!!! =DDD The judge LOVED him, and I was so pleased! Im looking forward to showing him some more! The judge picked him up, and said to watch out for his weight, so im gonna put him on a diet. YAY!! Im so happy! We also had awards on Sunday, and tear down. =]

Althought we did have some sad news when we got home. Elwine (my neighbor) raises Kiko Goats, and I bottle feed the babies that the mothers don't want. So Elwine calls me, and says he is bringing me a baby goat. She was so cute! Although she didn't make it through the night..=((((( R.I.P little Snowy.

Also Melvin my baby BEW is showing signs of Wry neck, so Im taking him into the vet at 2:30pm today, to get this nipped in the butt. This is my second case with it, and I dont want it to become a promblem. So please pray that the antibiotics work on Melvin, and he gets better soon. TTYL! =]


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