Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh the bunnies....:)

Hi. Hmm, bunnies are so intresting. I love my bunnies, dont get me wrong, they are just so much work sometimes. I think its the cleaning the cages that gets me....I guess it wouldn't be that bad if the poop didn't get caught, and build up in the cage. Oh well. Im excited to get really involved with the Dwarfs. Im making some big decisions about moving bunnies out. Im really considering who is worth staying, and who isn't.
Melvin is doing GREAT. His wry neck went away with antibiotics. Im so glad we caught it in time. He is such a great bunny, and he definatly has a permanent home here, he is very special to the whole family. =]
One of Daisy's babies got out. Her feeder was kinda falling out, and so this same chesnut VM buck kept getting out. And this morning I went out to feed, and he was no where to be found. I kept going back in to make sure I hadn't missed him. I was so sad that something had happened to him. But then tonight I went in, and Buddy was out, and he came hopping up to me, and then there was the baby bunny sitting there. I was so happy! =D He is a little tramatized, so I hope he is okay. I then decided to go ahead and type him, since I need to replace his mom, and he has perfect type! He has flawless type, and he will be perfect for the BEW's. I will be keeping him, and I will check the other babies, and see if anyone else is worthy enough to hold back. =] Well have a good night! TTYL. =]


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