Friday, September 17, 2010

A Show!!

Hey!! =] Im soo excited, im going to the Grants Pass show this weekend!! Im taking only Top Gunner, my beautiful BEW buck. =] I love this guy, and Im hoping he does well! Luckily he got his condition back from a HORRIDE molt, so im happy. =] Sadly I wont be able to show him, because I have to attend my cousins birthday, and have my own birthday the same day, lol. Amelia Caldwell from Shasta Rabbitry will be showing Gunner for me. Im very grateful to her for helping me out!! My plan is to take him to the show saturday morning, look around, possibly get him registered, Amelia will show him, Gunner will spend the night at her house, and I will pick him up sometime Sunday. =] This will be my first open show, im sad I cant show, but grateful that my bunny gets to go! =] I was gonna send Melvin and Bubba also, but there not tatoo'd and they are just coming out of there ugly stage, lol. =] TTYL!!


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