Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rabbitry Is Done!!!

Hey!! =D Let me start out my saying my mom is AMAZING!!! She finished my rabbitry yesterday, while I was at school. When I say she finished it I mean she cleaned ALL the cages, took all the cages out, clean the poop behind the cages, organized bunnies, through a couple of the ratty stackers outside to be delt with later, she made all the bunnies boards that didn't have them. Gave trays to all the bunnies, and over all made it WAY more clean, organized, and very roomy! =] I will take pictures later of it. I should have gotten before and after pics if I new she was going to do that. =] Im sick today, but some fresh air might be good.
Sadly I won't be going to the show myself at all. Amelia will still be taking Gunner to show, but we are gonna take him to her house Friday. Im a little disapointed, but still excited to see how Gunner does! His coat is really nice right now, and he does a good job at keeping clean. I am getting the somewhat "yellowish" stains off the bottom of his feet with hydrogen proxide. I think im going to wait on regsitering him, since im saving up to breed my sow this month, and I dont want to put that on Amelia. =] Oh and the website is re-done also, go check it out! TTYL!

~Kayla M.

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