Thursday, October 14, 2010

The show

Hi. :) Well although I didnt get to go to the rabbit show, I heard it was very fun! Gunner won BOV, but was 1 ounce over weight, and they wouldnt allow him to show any further. Amelia said that the judge commented on how beautiful a head Gunner has. :) Im glad that he is showing well so far. I decided to post-pone registering him, because I dont really see a need for it, when I dont go to that many shows anyways.
I bred Kitty, and she is due the end of this month. I left her in with Gunner all night, and it looked like a very sucessful breeding to me! Im hoping she has a decent sized litter, as I want to keep a young doe out of her, and Amelia also wants a baby from her. :) TTYL!!


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