Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Selling Out

Hi. I have decided to sell out of bunnies. I will be keeping some pets for myself, and I will be keeping one younger meat buck and purchasing a meat doe for just breeding for meat for ourself. I have already sold a lot of bunnies. I have sold Harley, Lacy, Ash, Love, Gunner, and probably a couple others I cant remember.
For pets I will be keeping Melvin, Blue, Oakey, Shasta, Gracy, Buddy, Snickerdoodle, and a new meat doe. So that will make me have only 8 rabbits, which is a HUGE cut down compared to the numbers I used to have.
My cousins are here, and they will be taking home Kitty, and Daisy, a cage, and a couple water bottles. So I will only have left to sell: Bubba, Charlie, and Sweetpea. If I cant sell Sweetpea I may end up just keeping her. So this will probably be my last post, maybe one like once a year. I will also be quitting rabbit 4-H and focusing on Horses and Pigs, because they are really what I want to focus on. :) So farewell my bunny blog followers. :) TTYL!!


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