Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rescue Bunny

I would like to welcome...Sebastion into the rabbitry. He is a Holand Lop cross, and is a rescue rabbit. He is blind, and is very sweet. Im hoping he will be able to find his food and water, and get along ok. He seems like a very sweet bunny, although he just arrived tonight. Im hoping he can find a great home. Im gonna be somewhat picky on his home, due to the fact that he is blind. If you are intersted in adopting Sebastion, please email me at: =]

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Managing Your Herd

I thought I would post my opions on how to mantain a healthy, and productive herd. This is the way I choose to do things in my rabbitry, and some ways I wish to change it, and how to change it.

Lets start with when you are trying to pick out your breed. I would suggest going to a local rabbit show, or a 4-H rabbit fair, and looking at all the different breeds. Talk to the owners about there rabbits, and dont be afraid to ask them questions. I think you should look into a rabbit that catches your eye. If you walk into the show, and see a Rhinelander sitting in his cage, and you go "Wow, thats a nice looking bunny!" Then go talk to the owners, and see what it takes to raise that certain breed.
#2: Make sure the breed is for you! If you dont like the idea of processing for meat, then I would suggest you dont get a meat breed. If you want something small, with alot of personalty. I would go with the Netherland Dwarf, or Dutch. Mini Lops, do not mean they are Mini rabbits. They actually get up to 6 1/2 lbs! So, make sure you do your reasearch.

Choosing a good feed is another important part to raising rabbits. I feed my rabbits Payback rabbit feed. It has 18% protein, and if im looking to add a little pazazz to it, I will add oats, hay, and grass. I would personally not buy a feed to high over 18%, as it can be to much for the rabbit. I would not reccomend buying feed under 18% as it doesnt provide the benifits for the rabbits. Make sure you also find a feed that isnt going to "break the bank." You can find a high quality feed, with a not so high quality price.

Your Rabbitry: I like to have a somewhat big rabbitry. Not just to house several rabbits, and maybe a few different breeds, but to have room to store your feed, hay, grooming box, medications, and everything you need for your rabbits. Another important part to a rabbitry is GOOD ventalation! You want to keep your rabbits comfortable, and cool during the hot summer months, but not freeze them, or there babies during winter. I dont reccomend using a heat lamp to keep your bunnies warm. I would suggest a nice opening somewhere in your barn, where you can have lots of air flow for summer, but still keep in somewhat warmer in the winter. I like to be able to have at least 2 fans running in the summer for my rabbits.

I personally try to clean my rabbitry at least 1 time a week. I currently dont use any thing in my trays. I used to use shavings, but they are kinda a pain. Im considering trying a nice brand of cat litter, and seeing if it keeps the odor down, and makes it easier to clean the trays. Please Note: I do spray down my trays, when there are no shavings in them.

Some Things To Change In My Rabbitry: Since my rabbitry is somewhat smaller, I try to organize it, so I have as much room for lots of cages as possible. So far Im liking the way my rabbitry is set up now. I would like to change to cat litter for my trays, and try to get more air flow, for the summer. I think these are just some key things, when it comes to raising rabbits. More to come soon! =]

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring Time???

Is spring time here yet? I wish. I hate the rain. Luckily it has been nice and sunny these past few days (YAY!). I have set up 4 cages outside in the grass, for the bunnies to play in. Everyday someone different gets to go out, and play. They really enjoy eating all the grass, and burning some energy. Its so much fun to watch the babies play. Today I was able to get some pictures of the buns for sale. Tommorow I might get some more. The bunnies are all in really nice condition right now, and all the babies are looking GREAT. My ND doe is due this next weekend. I hope she took, if not, im gonna make her lose some weight, and try her again. I dont know why Dwarfs are such pains to get pregant. My black ND doe is the same way *groans*.

I have made the smart decision to cut back on the pet rabbits, and get one pet breed that is my "main" breed. I will still have about 4 Dutch, and 1 breeding pair of Mini Lops (Ash, and Oakey). Im gonna start breeding Netherland Dwarfs full on now. I will have Dutch on the side, and my meat breeds full on as well. I could never give up my Dutch, and will always have them, as they are so much fun! I think im gonna like the ND. So far im gonna breed BEW, Blue, and im thinking about Otters. I think otters are very pretty. And later on, I will get into some brokens. Im really excited for the Netherland Dwarfs, and should have LOTS of cage space to work with them! =D TTYL.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Babies Growing Up

Hi. Well it has been nice and sunny the past couple days. I got all the trays dumped, and now I just need to bleach some cages (hopefully), and clean out the meat pens. I have decided I need to make a day, every week to clean out my rabbitry. It got WAY WAY overdue this last time, and its not fair to the bunnies. So im thinking every wensday. =)
Speaking of babies, some are starting to hop out of the nestbox. =D They are all so cute! Sadly Daisy's baby that looked like Thumper, passed away, due to unknown reasons. Im very excited for my Mini Lop litter. They are looking so cute! There ears are beginning to lop, and they have BIG heads, like there daddy. Im thinking im gonna sell Secret Score, and maybe keep a baby to replace her. More then likely I will keep a baby anyways. Im also excited for my Dutch litter. They arent quite as impressive as I had hoped, but they are pretty nice markings wise. One has a DQ. I wish she would of had more to choose from. It leaves me with a steel, and a gold (ack!). Steel is not my fav color, and gold is un showable. So we will see what happens.
Aside from rabbit news. My sow (pig) had her first litter of 12 babies. There are hamp pigs (black and white), york pigs (white), blue butts (grey and white), and duroc pigs (red and white). One got sqwished, so there are 11 left. 6 gilts (girls), and 5 boars (boys). My other sow is due any day now. TTYL!