Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Selling Out

Hi. I have decided to sell out of bunnies. I will be keeping some pets for myself, and I will be keeping one younger meat buck and purchasing a meat doe for just breeding for meat for ourself. I have already sold a lot of bunnies. I have sold Harley, Lacy, Ash, Love, Gunner, and probably a couple others I cant remember.
For pets I will be keeping Melvin, Blue, Oakey, Shasta, Gracy, Buddy, Snickerdoodle, and a new meat doe. So that will make me have only 8 rabbits, which is a HUGE cut down compared to the numbers I used to have.
My cousins are here, and they will be taking home Kitty, and Daisy, a cage, and a couple water bottles. So I will only have left to sell: Bubba, Charlie, and Sweetpea. If I cant sell Sweetpea I may end up just keeping her. So this will probably be my last post, maybe one like once a year. I will also be quitting rabbit 4-H and focusing on Horses and Pigs, because they are really what I want to focus on. :) So farewell my bunny blog followers. :) TTYL!!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The show

Hi. :) Well although I didnt get to go to the rabbit show, I heard it was very fun! Gunner won BOV, but was 1 ounce over weight, and they wouldnt allow him to show any further. Amelia said that the judge commented on how beautiful a head Gunner has. :) Im glad that he is showing well so far. I decided to post-pone registering him, because I dont really see a need for it, when I dont go to that many shows anyways.
I bred Kitty, and she is due the end of this month. I left her in with Gunner all night, and it looked like a very sucessful breeding to me! Im hoping she has a decent sized litter, as I want to keep a young doe out of her, and Amelia also wants a baby from her. :) TTYL!!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Rabbitry Is Done!!!

Hey!! =D Let me start out my saying my mom is AMAZING!!! She finished my rabbitry yesterday, while I was at school. When I say she finished it I mean she cleaned ALL the cages, took all the cages out, clean the poop behind the cages, organized bunnies, through a couple of the ratty stackers outside to be delt with later, she made all the bunnies boards that didn't have them. Gave trays to all the bunnies, and over all made it WAY more clean, organized, and very roomy! =] I will take pictures later of it. I should have gotten before and after pics if I new she was going to do that. =] Im sick today, but some fresh air might be good.
Sadly I won't be going to the show myself at all. Amelia will still be taking Gunner to show, but we are gonna take him to her house Friday. Im a little disapointed, but still excited to see how Gunner does! His coat is really nice right now, and he does a good job at keeping clean. I am getting the somewhat "yellowish" stains off the bottom of his feet with hydrogen proxide. I think im going to wait on regsitering him, since im saving up to breed my sow this month, and I dont want to put that on Amelia. =] Oh and the website is re-done also, go check it out! TTYL!

~Kayla M.

Friday, September 17, 2010

A Show!!

Hey!! =] Im soo excited, im going to the Grants Pass show this weekend!! Im taking only Top Gunner, my beautiful BEW buck. =] I love this guy, and Im hoping he does well! Luckily he got his condition back from a HORRIDE molt, so im happy. =] Sadly I wont be able to show him, because I have to attend my cousins birthday, and have my own birthday the same day, lol. Amelia Caldwell from Shasta Rabbitry will be showing Gunner for me. Im very grateful to her for helping me out!! My plan is to take him to the show saturday morning, look around, possibly get him registered, Amelia will show him, Gunner will spend the night at her house, and I will pick him up sometime Sunday. =] This will be my first open show, im sad I cant show, but grateful that my bunny gets to go! =] I was gonna send Melvin and Bubba also, but there not tatoo'd and they are just coming out of there ugly stage, lol. =] TTYL!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oh my

Wow, summer has flown by way to fast! Its hard to believe im starting school this coming Monday. :( Oh well, highschool won't be to bad, hopefully. Alot has gone on since my last post. I sold all of my baby bunnies except 2, a black vm buck from Daisy is possibly going to a new home tommorow. The other one is a solid gold tipped steel doe from Ash. I sent her and her litter mates to the pet store, and she was being aggressive, and moody. All of Ash's litter were very sweet, coming up to the cage, being held, but for some reason this little girl has always been moody. Since i dont feel comfortable selling her to a pet home, she will be culled from the herd.
I bred Gracy and Kitty, and sadly niether were very good sucess. Kitty never kindled. Gracy had 6 babies, and 5 of them died in the heat dispite all our efforts, and the last one, we brought inside, and from the beginning he was skinny, he would scream for no reason, I would try to bottle feed him, and sadly he passed away, but at least he is no longer suffering.
Tommorow im taking Minnie Mouse, and the black VM buck to a gal named Amelia. She raises Netherland Dwarfs, so im gonna trade her for one of her black otter junior bucks. Her website is: She is very sweet, and helpful, check out her site!
I was finally able to sell Secret Score and Roman to a 4-H breeding home, so I hope they do well for there new owner. I have been moving out quite a few bunnies, and im grateful for that. I have decided to still do Meat bunnies, and Netherland Dwarfs on a small scale for now. I will be keeping Ash and Oakey as a breeding pair of Mini Lops, and I will keep Shasta (retired) and Buddy (showmanship bunny), Melvin, Gunner, and Kitty. Hopefully this will reduce numbers, and if in the future its not working out, I may almost sell out, although I will always have the meat bunnies, as they sell REALLY well. =]


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Oh the bunnies....:)

Hi. Hmm, bunnies are so intresting. I love my bunnies, dont get me wrong, they are just so much work sometimes. I think its the cleaning the cages that gets me....I guess it wouldn't be that bad if the poop didn't get caught, and build up in the cage. Oh well. Im excited to get really involved with the Dwarfs. Im making some big decisions about moving bunnies out. Im really considering who is worth staying, and who isn't.
Melvin is doing GREAT. His wry neck went away with antibiotics. Im so glad we caught it in time. He is such a great bunny, and he definatly has a permanent home here, he is very special to the whole family. =]
One of Daisy's babies got out. Her feeder was kinda falling out, and so this same chesnut VM buck kept getting out. And this morning I went out to feed, and he was no where to be found. I kept going back in to make sure I hadn't missed him. I was so sad that something had happened to him. But then tonight I went in, and Buddy was out, and he came hopping up to me, and then there was the baby bunny sitting there. I was so happy! =D He is a little tramatized, so I hope he is okay. I then decided to go ahead and type him, since I need to replace his mom, and he has perfect type! He has flawless type, and he will be perfect for the BEW's. I will be keeping him, and I will check the other babies, and see if anyone else is worthy enough to hold back. =] Well have a good night! TTYL. =]


Monday, June 7, 2010

Great Weekend

Hi. This past weekend was Spring Rabbit Fair. It was so much fun!! Friday at about 5pm we went in to vet check my rabbits. I decided to take 6 (Blue, Buddy, Secret Score, Roman, Gunner, and Love Game). When I brought Gunner (BEW junior ND) up to the vet check lady. She started saying how beautiful he was, she loved his type, his ears, his head, everything about him. So that made me hopeful that he would do well. =] Saturday was the first day of showing. I showed Love Game, and got BOB over all the Crossbred bunnies. And at 3pm we did Showmanship. I got a callback, and I did really well. =] I then showed Buddy, and got 2nd Blue. On Sunday I showed Secret Score and Roman, and they went over weight, and got DQ'd. The judge loved them. Then I took Top Gunner up to the tables. There were quite a few ND up there, and some nice ones at that! Anyways..............................Gunner won BOB over ALL The Netherland Dwarfs in the show!!! =DDD The judge LOVED him, and I was so pleased! Im looking forward to showing him some more! The judge picked him up, and said to watch out for his weight, so im gonna put him on a diet. YAY!! Im so happy! We also had awards on Sunday, and tear down. =]

Althought we did have some sad news when we got home. Elwine (my neighbor) raises Kiko Goats, and I bottle feed the babies that the mothers don't want. So Elwine calls me, and says he is bringing me a baby goat. She was so cute! Although she didn't make it through the night..=((((( R.I.P little Snowy.

Also Melvin my baby BEW is showing signs of Wry neck, so Im taking him into the vet at 2:30pm today, to get this nipped in the butt. This is my second case with it, and I dont want it to become a promblem. So please pray that the antibiotics work on Melvin, and he gets better soon. TTYL! =]