Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi. We have babies!! Lacy had her babies. I dont know how many she has, but she has alot! Lol. The 3 nicest ones will be used for roasters. I bred Gracy to Harley, and Nakita to Snickerdoodles for fryers! How exciting!! I also cleaned the rabbitry today, and weaned Sweetpeas babies.

I have decided to sell Ash, if anybody wants her. She is a awesome little doe. But, I dont really "need" her. Lol. She has to go to a show home, where she will be shown often. She has amazing depth, wideness, head, ear, and crown, and she has a major HOT body! Please email me at: for pricing and pictures.

Since Melody is getting butchered, I found a new NZ doe. She is a cutie. Im gonna trade this person for 2 of my baby Dutch. Im also on the lookout for a ND with super short ears, and a nice body! Let me know what you got!

Other then that nothing much has been going on lately. So TTYL.


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bunny News

Hi. Sorry, for the lack of postings. All the bunnies are doing good. Sweetpeas babies, are looking good. I have my eye on the runt. She is so cute!! I have decided to keep one of Nakita's babies. She is so pretty. Amazing type! I will probly still keep Bear. Since Melody wont be here long. Sam is coming over tommorow. I might end up selling my keeper from Secret (Ash). It depends. Im cutting back on my pet rabbits, and moving more into my meat rabbits. I never re-bred Cookie. I didnt feel like it. My back has been bugging me. Just thought I would give you an update. TTYL.


Friday, February 13, 2009

The Future......

Hi. Well nothing has been going on lately. I cleaned the rabbitry yesterday, with this new kind of pellets (like sawdust made into pellets), to try out. I future here is looking pretty good. We plan to have 4 cages, for meat babies. I have decided to only have 1 litter of pet bunnies, at a time. Reson being, so I have more time to spend with the babies. Well, just thought I would give you a quick update (nothing exciting). TTYL.


Monday, February 9, 2009

Not Again!

Hi. My friend Sam came over a couple weeks ago, and brought with her Dutchess (the Mini Rex i sold her), Her Thumper, and Buckley. I traded Buckley, with Sam then. She gave me Buckly, and I gave her a Mini Lop. Well, Thumper, and Dutchess are still here. And Dutchess was being semi grumpy with petting, so I got her out to palpate her, and sure enough her belly is hard, and huge. It was hard to feel babies, so I gave her a nestbox full of straw, just to be safe. Thumper doesnt seem to be pregant.

Melody wont be here for long. She will be butchered with the onther meat babies. The reson being, she doesnt look like a purebred NZ, and she wont take. She is also extremely evil! She might stay around for a little bit. Most likely, I will keep her, and see if she takes, one last time.

Anyways, I updated the site, with new pics, on the bucks, and does pages. All the bunnies were in great condition, and more then willing to pose, so It is nice to have some decent pics of them. :) For some reason, Im feeling kinda devastated about Cookies litter (again). I hope the same thing doesnt happen with Dutchess litter. I will probly cry if it does. Well, I better go....TTYL.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Im Alive

Hi. I cant rember what went on since I last posted. Friday my mare Saphire went to get trained. With my baby horse, I felt bad not having enough time to spend with my baby horse, so I sent my bum head to a trainer. I did some ground driving with my Mini Bethany. She did good, but she didnt like her over check, she wanted a under check. So im looking for a under check now. Last summer is when I hooked Bethany up to the cart. So, this spring I will offically start her driving training. Exciting! I didnt breed Cookie like I said I would, I didnt feel like it. All the bunnies are enjoying the alfalfa hay every night. Tommorow I will be busy.

I will get up, feed, take a walk, get ready for church, go to church, go to lunch, ground drive Bethany, work with Windancer, Breed Cookie, practice showmanship. AHHHHH to busy!! Lol! Not to busy, but busy. I got all the Mini Lop pedigrees filled out tonight. Ash is looking SO nice!! WOWZA!! I will stop bragging now, LOL! I will update the website tommorow ALSO! Lol! TTYL.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random Bunny News..

Hi. I cant come up with any good titles, lol. Im still pretty devastated about Cookie's litter..*sigh*. Im thinking, I might re-breed her tommorow, to Oreo. Black to Black...anybody want to make some predictions, on the colors of the babies?? Im thinking black (duh), and possibly tort, or blue. Im not sure about Cookie's parents, but Oreo's dad is a tort, and Oreo's mom is a blue. I was looking at Ash (my keeper from Secret Score) today, and it turns out, the "white" hairs, are gold. Lol. She is gonna pair up well with Oakey. Im hoping we can get her granded. It looks like the bunnies next show is Mini Lop Nationals (for the Mini Lops), and then fair, for everybody. We are still debating on going to ML Nationals, or not.

I have a bunch of new pics to show you, but I cant find the USB cord, to hook the camera up, to get the pics out. I hope I find it. I also cleaned out the rabbitry. I purchased a bale of PURE Alfalfa for the bunnies today. Very nice hay. I got a free bag of bedding, to try out, on the bunnies, and horse barns. It's only $3.99 a bag! Thats better then shavings!! I will end this post with a random pic. What is it?????? Lol. TTYL.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sad, Sad News.

Hi. Sadly, the night before last, Cookies babies died. The whole litter. I was pretty upset, so I didnt post anything. I guess, she ate all her food, and she was still hungry, so she started to eat the hay in the nestbox, the babies didnt have enough hay, so they froze. Im still pretty sad. I was so looking forward to this litter, even though it was unexpected. Oh well. TTYL.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Bunny News

Hi. All the bunnies are doing good. We lost one of Sweetpeas babies, she fell out of the cage twice, so that might have had something to do with it. So, Sweetpea has 7 babies. Cookie still has 7. Buckley is doing great. He is spolied. Last night, he got to sleep in bed with me. Tommorow im taking Shasta's 3 bucks to Pet Country. I need the cage space bad. 2 of Sams bunnies are here, until she gets back from her moms house. I might sell the Mini Lop doe I was gonna keep, her name is Ash. Please let me know if you are intersted in her, ground transport is defanitly a option. ;) She has great type, for being so young! Im gonna weigh Creampuff tommorow, I hope she doesnt go over weight. If she does, she will most likely be bred to Oakey for some nice babies! Creampuff is very wide, which is what Oakey is lacking, so they should be a nice match. Secret Score is ready to hit the tables! Maybe there will be a show coming up soon. Well, I better go. TTYL.